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Water Cooled HVAC

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We have adopted the evaporative sub-cooling strategy to enhance the operating efficiency of any air-cooled air conditioning or refrigeration system. We utilize our very efficient lightweight evaporative fluid cooler (closed circuit cooling tower) in a closed water- loop to the existing rooftop units and fit them with our sub-cooling heat exchanger. The most dramatic savings are in the hot dry regions of the United States. Our primary commercial application is the conversion of rooftop packaged air conditioners that dominate the light commercial market.

There are  thousands of commercial Roof Top Air Condition units and Refrigeration Condensers  mounted on roof tops relying on air to cool them. It is proven that roof tops are hotter than ground temperatures.  This is known as the “Urban Heat Island” effect has greatly effected the one size fits all performance of these units.

In the extreme heat of the desert, southwest, and midwest regions, savings over conventional air-cooled units, utilizing the existing compressors, will reach 35%.With the installation of downsized compressors an additional 15 % efficiency gain is available by taking advantage of the additional capacity made possible by the lower condensing temperature.


 In most sun-belt desert applications the air-cooled roof top units run at a net 6 EER using 2 kilowatts per ton/hour. A water-cooled roof top unit under the same desert conditions will run at a net 15 EER using .85 kilowatts per ton/hour.  A 60% savings over air-cooled systems. 

Poor design in installation placement has even added higher energy consumption, causing the recirculation of even hotter air to try and cool them. This alone adds to the already poor efficiency rating and creates its own heat island. To even add more, the mandated fresh make-up air being added is drawn from the same heated area.

·  30%-60% Reduction in Peak kW

·  Up to 17 EER Performance

·  Proven Commercial Water Cooled

·  Requires no Structural Upgrades

·  Engineered for Commercial
     Roof-Top Retrofit Applications

·  Light Weight, Modular,
     Durable, Low Maintenance

·  Proven Record of Operational

·  15 Year Limited Warranty

Commercial Retrofit System

This Energy Efficiency retrofit will yield reductions of peak kW demand from 30% - 60%. The Demand-Buster Evaporative Condenser Retrofit system can utilize the existing AC compressor, or a new high efficiency scroll compressor module can be installed. The evaporative fluid cooler tower is the only closed circuit tower that is lightweight enough to be installed on a roof with out structural upgrades. The unique design of the Demand-Buster system allows one fluid cooler to service a number of roof top HVAC systems. The largest amount of savings occurs during the heat of the day thereby offsetting expensive peak demand charges that many utilities are now charging commercial customers. Many utilities offer rebate or financial incentive programs aimed at commercial users of peak kW demand. A Demand-Buster HVAC Retrofit can double the operating efficiency at half the cost of replacing the equipment, and qualify for utility demand reduction program incentives.


 Construction: All fiberglass cabinet, cannot corrode. High quality materials throughout. .

 Water Spray Nozzles: Durable plastic, non-corrosive and non-fouling.

 Fans: Aluminum, epoxy coated frame, and precision balanced plastic blades for quiet, trouble-free service.

 Service: Easy access for routine maintenance. No chemicals required.

Demand Buster Evaporative Fluid Cooler features:

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